Getting paid for your fleece

The following provides growers information regarding payment for your fleece, following these guidelines helps us put money in your pocket sooner.

Im GST registered and would like you to raise invoices on my behalf

Recipient Created Tax Invoice Agreement Form

If you want us to pay for your fleece directly into your nominated bank account please complete and return the recipient created tax invoice agreement. Remember if you change your bank account details you must update us. Sorry but this option is only open to GST registered businesses.

Im not GST registered but have an ABN or Im GST registered and want to raise my own invoices.

We will provide you with a breakdown fleece sold; classed line, quantity and value and then you send us an invoice in a PDF format.The invoice must include EFT bank details.

I do not have an ABN can I still get paid for my fleece?

Statement by Supplier Form

Yes, but you must supply us with the ATO form Statement by Supplier.

How are payments made?

We perform payments runs on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. If you have submitted a RCTI agreement you don’t have to do anything your payment will make the next payment run. If you submit an invoice it will be paid in the next invoice run.¬†

Payments will be made by EFT, if your bank details change you will need to let us know.

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