Classed Alpaca Fleece operates as a depot shed, that is bales likely contain fleece from more than one grower in Australia. 

Fleece is classed according to Alpaca Fleece Classing Code of Practice Industry Standard for the Preperation of Australian Alpaca. As all fleece is baled to order custom mill specifications can be accomodated.

Mainline Fleece

Fineness Groups

  • Sheer Ultra <16u
  • Ultrafine 16 – 18.5u
  • Superfine 18.6 – 20.5u
  • Fine 20.6 – 24.5u
  • Medium 24.6 – 28.5u

Where the handle is of a fleece is harsh the fleece will be classed coarser.

Currently we are not seeing the supply avaliablity of strong fleece exceeding 28.6u.

Colour Groups

  • White – white, off white with no contaminating colours.
  • Light Fawn – Light Fawn and white or off white with few contaminating fawn / brown fibres
  • Fawn – Medium Fawn
  • Brown – Dark Fawn, Light Brown, Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown – Dark Brown and Red Brown
  • Grey – Light, Medium and Dark Grey
  • Rose Grey – Rose Grey
  • Black – Black

White with black fibres will be classed grey.

White with excessive fawn or brown will be classed rose grey.


Pieces are primarily classed into two lines, a combined White and Light Fawn Line and an All Colours line. At time of baling if volume permits single colour bales will be produced. 

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